Betty Wolfe, M. Div. BCB, GCFPcm

Betty Wolfe

The word “management”, as in stress management or pain management, irritates me. Even though I work in a field that utilizes those phrases, the language is suspect.

Growth and change are qualities of life; one definition of stress is “any change to which you must adapt.”; I believe we live life rather than manage it! Our challenge is to recover ourselves, again and again, from what William Shakespeare describes as “the thousand shocks that flesh is heir to”. To restore ourselves to a place of ease in mind and body.

I grew up in a military family, living in varying international and national communities. I was early exposed to travel, new cultures, and languages, and to the personal and professional bonds and loyalties embedded in military life. Talk about change! 

With these benefits also came stress and anxieties: negotiating new schools, neighborhoods and acquaintances; the pain of departing familiar surroundings and best friends. I graduated from Tuscola High School in Waynesville, NC, near maternal grandparents. The Smokey Mountains of Western NC are the beloved landscape of childhood’s soul; my earliest introduction to a place of recovery and restoration.

As a young adult, I imagined a career as a teacher and initially thought that would happen in a public school setting (History). Then I thought it would happen in a college or university setting (Religious Studies). UNC-Greensboro awarded my BA degree, and I completed the Master of Divinity degree at Duke University Divinity School. I put those imaginings into “in absentia” mode when I lost my way in a PhD program, took a leave of absence and needed a job and a regular income. Duke Medical Center hired me into its first clinical biofeedback service. I learned mostly by doing; it took about 4 years for the realization to arrive that I was teaching one-on-one, loving it and had been discovered by my career rather than the other way round.

I completed a professional certification program in 1985 and maintain certification in the Biofeedback International Certification Alliance. As a Biofeedback Practitioner, BCIA Senior Fellow, I approach my 40th anniversary of teaching and learning in biofeedback and self-regulation. I maintain a private business in Durham, NC, working with children, adolescents and adults, I share my passion for discovering inner vitality and ease while grabbing hold of life beyond pain and stress-related problems.

In 2006, I completed a four-year training in The Feldenkrais Method® of teaching and learning through movement. As a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitionercm, I offer public Awareness Through Movement® classes and private lessons in Functional Integration®.

In 2011, I completed training in The Sounder Sleep System® and am an authorized teacher of Sounder Sleep® lessons and workshops. Michael Krugman developed this effective approach to improving sleep and the peacefulness of life. (Sounder Sleep® and Sounder Sleep System® are Registered Trademarks of Michael Krugman.)

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