Is This Right For Me?

As a goal-oriented, hard-working student, parent, spouse, or employee, are you concerned with the negative health consequences of the pace, productivity, and responsibilities you embrace and value?

At day’s end, are you burdened with headaches, muscle aches and pains, or jaw pain? Is it difficult to leave work at work, to drift peacefully to sleep and waken refreshed?

A WWII British subway poster urged people to “Keep calm and carry on.” Don’t we all yearn for the inner resources to accomplish this task with ease and maybe even enjoyment? I invite you to follow your yearnings and curiosity and discover how to become your own best medicine!

Old Me, New Me SignDuring my 35-year career teaching self-regulation skills in medical settings, I grew frustrated with constraints on time with our clients as they worked to free themselves from never ending rounds of appointments, prescriptions, and voice mail trees. At Lessons With Ease, I treasure the opportunity to maintain connection and support as a client explores and maps his or her own Best Medicine Territory.

What are Be Your Own Best Medicine lessons? They have to do with paying attention to yourself, recognizing necessary and unnecessary tension or helpful and unhelpful habits, and learning how to explore and embody the many beneficial choices at your fingertips, at the tip of your nose or at the edge of your memory and imagination.

In our current worldwide culture, every day with a new challenge, I believe each of us, in the context of our own life, must learn and relearn how to recover and restore ourselves from “the thousand shocks that flesh is heir to”. Learning mustn’t and needn’t end. Your ability to create and maintain comfort, stability, and wisdom provides a foundation for health and wellness.

The side effects? The power of you in better health!